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Joseph had established his own Architectural and Interior Design office in Hong Kong since 1988. He graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1973 at the University of Santo T'omas, Manila, Philippines. During his scholastic years of 1972 and 1973, he won two Architectural Design Competitions and was a recipient of two consecutive scholarship grants. Joseph was recognized as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Students in the College of Architecture. During his final year of study, he represented his school for the International Design Competition - “William Van Allen Architect Memorial Award, USA” with a project entitled World Ecological Center. Apart from his pursuant in studies, Joseph has a strong passion in watercolor painting and photography, he was honoured with an award in a watercolor painting contest sponsored by Shell Petrochemical, USA in 1972.


Joseph’s work has gained international recognition from various Interior Design bodies - “Andrew Martin International Interior Designer Awards, UK”, “Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards”, “Chartered Society Of Designers Awards”, “CIHAF Best 10 Residential Designers, China”, “Electrolux - China Top 10 Sample House/Room Designers Awards, China”, “Hong Kong Art & Design Festival’s Ten Outstanding Designers Awards”, “Hong Kong Design Centre, Design for Asia Award/Distinguished Design, China”, “Hong Kong Designer Awards - Biennial”, “Matsushita Electric Ltd - Nashop Lighting Award, Japan”, “Modern Decoration International Annual Media Prize - Annual Excellent Designers Honorable Prize, China”, “Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneurs, China”, “Perspective Design Recognition Awards”, “Roca - Inspiration and Design Award, China”.

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